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My name is Hans Joachim Werner

and I'm leading a known for his Quality and Perfection Restoration management in Calw/Stammheim near Stuttgart. We are specialized and work with high Quality Leather equipments.
For many years are we the first address particular for friends of classical Mercedes vehicles in this area.
Let me explain, what I understand about Quality and why you don't had to be unsatisfied.
You call a classical vehicle or a valuable new car your own.

And it's not just a thing but Hobby and an article of value. You decited for a natural product of Leather interior equipment because Leather is elegant and a fixed value comfortable for seats and the natural odor.
We apply work just with car leather because this material takes humidity and gives it back.
It's insusceptible against heat and had a high rub firmness and it's absolutely fast to light.
Certain it's not only important all these attributes to raise the value of vehicles.

That is particular necessary for all the smallest details to keep the original working up. That's the warranty of our management and our known for handmade work for many years.
You can trust in Werner Interior.
What about high fidelity?
Not only the body also the interior equipment characterized an exactitude vehicle type. For an example the “Pipe shaping” for seats also the “Braid scar” perforation that decorates a Daimler-Benz 230 SL pretty good.

Also the padding shows special marks. Whether feather kernel by sitting or the “horsehair” for upholstery.
You can be sure that every insignificant trifle is exceedingly important for us.
One Werner – Leather equipments signify that “spot” for your vehicle.
The originally and high quality for carpet set is also decisive.

Carpets have to be for “hard wear” and “dirt refusal”. We fit the carpets exactly for your car. Do you possess a cabriolet?
Topless driving and to enjoy air and sun is a wish for each cabriolet driver. But sometimes it starts to rain and you hear the drops of rain and you sit inside the car, warm and dry then you find a good decision of the original Sonnenland-top.

We work with special fabrics “three times sided” for the tops. The tightness of the top is also by low temperature outside to observe.
Against rain and no loss of warmth. Whether leather interior equipments or tops you are in good hands with us.
For further information's see next pages. We wish you lots of fun with your hobby.

Your Hans Joachim Werner and his team.

Werner + Co GmbH • Römerweg 4 • 75365 Calw/Stammheim • Telefon 0 70 51 / 2 07 80 • Fax 0 70 51 / 7 01 62