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W 110 + W111 - SM. + LG. REARFIN

W 110 + W111 - SM. + LG. REARFIN 

The leather “built in” set gather:
    Seat covers with original perforation front and back
    Door disguises front
    Door disguises back
    Door pockets
    Leather for windcatch (Keeder)
    Leather for armature fittings and small parts

All required materials like foam rubber, upholstery, etc. have extra charge. We use and manage high quality leather sets and we give you a warranty for originally and also for the precise fit.We leave it to you, with the colour of the leather set.
For more information we are everytime disposal.

Type   W 110 sm. Rearfin.
Complete leather interior   4.350,00 €
Special colour  extra charge
Upholstery set: cotton wool, foam rubber   345,00 €
If required we also can disassemble the vehicle workmanlike for special interior details.
At any time of condition   ca. 2.350,00 €
Removal and build in leather   ca. 1.695,00 €
Removal and build in carpets   ca. 480,00 €
Thru permanent quality controls of our workmanlike workshop and long years of expierience are we in a position to offer an absolutaly and originally carpet sets.
The carpet set fabrics is made of Hair-yarn-boucle and it´s worked with coloured cottonribbon socket, also manual work you recieve a peak to attainable price.
Carpet set complete in boucle   470,00 €
Hat deposit   98,00 €
Trunk carpet mat in boucle   150,00 €
Floor covering carpets under mats  
Very recommend! Easy to take in and out. Effect: inactive an easy misplace from the floor covering carpets and extra insulation and equal unevenness on driver side also on drivers mate.
Prevent: Displace, fall back, wrinkles buildings, of the floor coverings.
2x Floor coverings left + right, front   130,00 €
2x Floor coverings left + right, back   130,00 €

Terms of payment: Delivery per cash seperate charge postage and packing or cash by self fetching.
The legal value - added tax is includded on all prices.

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